Throughout its history, Invicta Group has developed a major know-how to anticipate the needs of its market.

1722 – Cupola Invention

René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur invented the Cupola technique, a vertical furnace which helps obtain molten iron, that is poured into sand molds. Although this technique has improved over the centuries, it is still used today for manufacturing cast iron appliances and products of the group.

1924 – At the heart of Ardennes

The history of Invicta Group found its industrial roots at the heart of the Ardennes during the Roaring Twenties. It is precisely in 1924 that the foundry Invicta was born in Donchery in Vallée de la Meuse, the Mecca of metallurgy. Fernand Sueur is the founder. The production site is now located in the neighboring village in Vivier-au-Court.

95 ans – Cast Iron products

The foundry began by producing washbasins and sanitary rooms for communities. Throughout the twentieth century, new product families see the light of the day: cast iron furniture, table legs, parasol stands, pot holders, casseroles and kitchen utensils. Enameling is located a few kilometers from the foundry, in Donchery.

2000 – Invicta revolutionizes the design of wood stoves

The range expands with fireplaces and insertion devices. During the early 2000s, Invicta began producing wood stoves, revolutionizing their design.

2013 – Invicta Group becomes the European leader

In 2013, the family business was sold to Qualium Investissement. The group then took on a new dimension, with the acquisition in 2014 of the Italian manufacturer of pellet stoves Caminetti Montegrappa, right after for the brand Deville, a reference since 1846. The Group thus became the European leader in wood heating, with a wide range of materials, design and technologies.