A true forerunner, Invicta Group has revisited the design of wood-burning appliances while being part of a continuous improvement approach, in terms of energy and environmental performance of its product ranges.

PlugIN Technologies

After having revolutionized the design of log stoves in the 2000s, Invicta Group revolutionized the design of pellet stoves, through the PlugIN technology launching in 2017. Thanks to a hopper system, pellet stoves from Invicta Group factories now offer audacious designs, unique in the world.


INVICTA GROUP has complete internal control of the entire design and manufacturing process: design and design offices, accredited testing laboratories, industrial production, assembly, enameling and surface treatments. INVICTA GROUP designs and manufactures a wide range of devices, bringing new innovations every year.


The brand’s appliances are predominantly labeled Flamme Verte 6 or 7 stars, eligible for the tax credit, classified Eco-Label A + or A and already compatible with the European Eco-Design 2022. With the ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certifications, Invicta demonstrates its commitment to the environment.