PlugIN Technology in the future home.

The YRYS concept, Maisons France Confort group, includes many innovative solutions from several well-known brands. Ecology, scalability, connectivity, mobility, and well-being are at the heart of the design of this inspiring and visionary group.

Invicta Group selected Plug-IN technology to participate in this future-oriented project. Located at the center of the living space of the YRYS Concept, the Cannele Plug-in model, offers many advantages improving the comfort of the inhabitants:

  • A unique design and an incredible look
  • A great feeling of heat from the cast iron stove
  • Natural convection operation, in complete silence
  • High energy performance with 7-star Green Flame labels
  • Extended life up to 31 hours thanks to the large pellet tank (22kg)
  • Simplified use through its automatic functions: switching on, off, programming, speed or temperature control

Discover the future home :

Discover the Plug-IN revolution