PlugIN Technology in the future home.

The YRYS concept, Maisons France Confort group, includes many innovative solutions from several well-known brands. Ecology, scalability, connectivity, mobility, and well-being are at the heart of the design of this inspiring and visionary group.

Invicta Group selected Plug-IN technology to participate in this future-oriented project. Located at the center of the living space of the YRYS Concept, the Cannele Plug-in model, offers many advantages improving the comfort of the inhabitants:

  • A unique design and an incredible look
  • A great feeling of heat from the cast iron stove
  • Natural convection operation, in complete silence
  • High energy performance with 7-star Green Flame labels
  • Extended life up to 31 hours thanks to the large pellet tank (22kg)
  • Simplified use through its automatic functions: switching on, off, programming, speed or temperature control

Discover the future home :

Discover the Plug-IN revolution

A new generation of products, Green flame labels.

Wood heating is the main source of renewable energy in France. Only 8 million households are equipped with the latter.

Une amélioration constante des performances énergétiques et environnementales

Constant improvement in terms of energetic and environmental performance
Invicta Group has been present for more than 15 years, under the impulse of Green Flame label, through continued improvement in terms of the performances of its products. The group keeps re-inventing itself and evolving, due to technological progress. The notion of sustainable and responsible energy means developing more and more efficient devices to reduce their impact, on air quality.

  • improvement of wood combustion,
  • increase in energy efficiency,
  • reduction of CO and dust emissions

INVICTA has made considerable progress in improving the environmental performance of its range of products, most of them labeled Green Flame 6 or 7 stars and ready for the European label Eco-design 2022.

Illustration of technical progress on Invicta Group products: the deployment of an afterburner system, promotes the combustion of gases and dusts from the first combustion of wood and limiting, particulate emissions.


Certified products

The Flamme Verte label is constantly evolving, imposing even more demanding technical standards, in order to encourage manufacturers to provide more efficient and environmentally friendly devices.
The 6 and 7 star levels, created in January 2015 certify the most environmentally friendly devices. The INVICTA GROUP laboratory, certified COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee), systematically undertakes quantitative measurements on the new models: efficiency, CO content, dust concentration.


Independent devices

*Values expressed at 13 % d’O2 depending on the norm project, prEN 16510 – source:

By labeling a large part of its range of products 6 and 7 stars Flamme Verte and Eco-design 2022, Invicta Group is fully committed to this logic of sustainable and responsible energy consumption.